The Universe is too massive to believe that we’re the only ones who inhabit here. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have claimed to have seen visitors from other planets. Some people think we should revere aliens as gods, and others believe aliens are planning to take our entire planet down in a fiery intergalactic war.

Oddly enough, over time people began to agree about what types of aliens they saw, often swearing that there are very specific “races” of aliens that visit us repeatedly, all with different goals. So here are five aliens species that many alien enthusiasts claim have visited us repeatedly (so much so that we learned their names) and could even be living aside us on Earth.

The Anunnaki

The Anunnaki date all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. Hailing from the planet Nibiru, they came to Earth in order to mine our gold. These ancient alien miners were revered as gods by Sumerian civilizations. Most civilizations believed them to be royalty, and in some cases, divinity. It is even said that these aliens interbred with humans.

The Reptilians

These humanoid reptile hybrids are believed to have made their first literary appearance in the Robert E. Howard’s THE SHADOW KINGDOM published in a August 1929 issue of WEIRD TALES. The first recorded (supposedly real) abduction by the Reptilians took place in 1967 in Ashland, Nebraska. Officer Herbert Schirmer of the Ashland Police Department claimed to have been taken aboard a ship inhabited by reptilian creatures. Some have theorized the Reptilians are shape-shifters who can take on human form and live amongst us.

The Andromedans

At a mere 2.2 million light years away, the Andromeda Galaxy is our closest neighbor. Far more advanced than we are and with an average lifespan of 2000 years old, the Andomedans have been visiting our planet for quite a long time. Unlike most aliens, the Andromedans actually have compassion for humans and concern for our well-being. However, it is unclear to what length they will go to in order to protect us from ourselves.

The Nordics

Nordic aliens get their name from their strong resemblance to stereotypical Scandinavian peoples. Averaging six to seven feet tall, these blond-haired blue-eyed aliens are reported to be telepaths, although some say they possess magical powers as well. Nordics care more for Earth’s environment then they do its human inhabitants. So you may want to start recycling before we have to answer to our seven-foot-tall overlords. In UFOlogy, Nordic aliens (in the 50s known as the space Brothers) are humanoid extraterrestrials purported to come from the Pleiades-star-system who resemble Nordic-Scandinavians Professed contactees describe them as typically male, six to seven feet tall (about two meters) with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin tones ranging from fair to tanned. UFOlogist George Adamski is credited with being among the first to claim contact with Nordic aliens in the mid 1950s, and scholars note the mythology of extraterrestrial visitation from beings with features described as Aryan often include claims of telepathy, benevolence, and physical beauty.

The Greys

The most famous of our alien visitors, the Greys, make up 43% of all reported alien interactions. These short and sexless beings are almost always naked with big heads and large black eyes. They were first documented in H.G. Wells 1893 article “Man of the Year Million.” H.G. went on to describe the Morlocks from his 1895 novel THE TIME MACHINE in a similar fashion. Greys made their way into mainstream culture after they appeared in the 1987 Whitley Strieber novel COMMUNION, the author’s personal account of his own encounters with the Greys.

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