Alien Remains Unveiled By Mexico Congress

In September, Mexico’s Congress witnessed an official unveiling that sent ripples of excitement through the UFO community. Mummified specimens were discovered in the caves of Cusco, Peru. They were displayed in glass cases for the world to see. Spearheaded by journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan, this event left politicians and attendees intrigued. We bring you the facts we know about the alien remains unveiled by Mexico congress.

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The Ancient Remains

Maussan unearthed these extraordinary specimens in Peru back in 2017, estimating their age at approximately 1,000 years. The lifeless bodies displayed a striking resemblance to the stereotypical portrayal of extraterrestrial beings. They are 60 centimeters tall and characterized by their pale complexion, oversized heads, diminutive bodies, and three-fingered hands. . He went on to assert that one of the bodies had been pregnant, adding to the intrigue.


Dr. José de Jesús Zalce Benítez, a forensic expert and military doctor, guided the Congress through scans of the purported alien bodies. Dr. Benítez asserted that these alleged extraterrestrial entities possessed enlarged brains and prominent eyes, which, in his view, allowed for an extensive stereoscopic field of vision. Notably, they appeared to lack teeth, indicating a dietary preference for liquids rather than solid foods.

Contrary to conventional mummification, Maussan emphatically declared, “These are not mummies.” In his testimony under oath, he boldly proclaimed that these were intact bodies devoid of any tampering or manipulation. Maussan firmly contended that these bodies were of non-human origin.

The Alien Debate

During the Mexico City event, Jaime Maussan, delivered compelling testimony. He stated that nearly a third of the specimens’ DNA remains unidentified, sparking curiosity. These specimens, he insisted, do not fit into the framework of “our terrestrial evolution,” a claim reported by Mexican media. Maussan clarified that these mysterious specimens were not the result of a UFO crash recovery. Instead, they were found in diatom (algae) mines and subsequently underwent fossilization.

In response to skepticism from academics, scientists, and archaeologists who questioned the authenticity of the specimens, medical professionals conducted a series of rigorous laboratory studies. Professor Cox, one of the skeptics, called for an independent verification of the specimens. Professor Cox emphasized the improbability of an intelligent species from another planet closely resembling humans.

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Notably, this is not the first time Jaime Maussan has claimed an extraterrestrial discovery. In 2015, he asserted that a mummified body found near Nazca, Peru, was that of an alien. Subsequently, it was determined to be the remains of a human child. This raises questions about the origin and nature of these mysterious specimens.

One of the extraterrestrial corpses unveiled at Mexico Congress underwent a series of rigorous laboratory examinations. This included X-rays and CT scans, aimed at establishing their authenticity. The tests conducted at a laboratory in Mexico City revealed a significant revelation: the mummified remains had NOT undergone artificial crafting or tampering, strongly suggesting their potential authenticity. Providing insights into the findings, Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, the director of the Scientific Institute for Health of the Mexican Navy, confirmed that these bodies constituted a single skeleton and were not a composite of animal or human bones.

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Extraterrestrials On Earth?

The unveiling of these enigmatic mummified specimens at Mexico’s Congress has undeniably stirred the imagination of the world. While Jaime Maussan’s testimony hints at the possibility of an otherworldly connection, the scientific scrutiny and call for independent verification underscore the need for rigorous investigation.

In the grand cosmos, the question of whether these specimens represent an unearthly presence or a unique facet of Earth’s history remains open. As discussions and research continue, these mysterious remnants stand as a testament to humanity’s unceasing curiosity about the mysteries of our world and beyond. Only time and unwavering scientific inquiry will reveal the true origins of the Alien Remains Unveiled By Mexico Congress. In addition, the significance of these ancient relics. Meanwhile, further fueling the ongoing quest for answers in the realm of the unknown.