Ancient Aliens and Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis is a super mysterious place in our world. Everything Unexplained views ancient aliens and Atlantis links that the city was guided by alien beings. We will touch on how the existence of Atlantis may have been erased or hidden from history. Additionally, we will analyze the legends and archaeological findings that have fueled speculation surrounding this mythical city.

Atlantis Theories

Atlantis, the fabled city described by Plato and Homer, sank into the Atlantic Ocean from an earthquake. One theory posits that it was not merely a product of imagination but an actual civilization that ancient aliens influenced. Hence, people argue that ancient aliens bestowed advanced knowledge and technology upon the Atlanteans, empowering them to establish a highly advanced and prosperous society.

Ancient aliens helping in the rise and fall is is a different story for the mysterious drowing of the city. It suggests that studing with them may have been their downfall or even a deliberate erasure of their existence from history.

Legends of Atlantis City

Stories and legends from different cultures give hints about the existence of Atlantis. Plato’s writings, the “Timaeus” and “Critias,” have the best description of Atlantis. According to Plato, Atlantis was a powerful and advanced city that fell to natural catastrophes.

Ancient stories, like the writings of Diodorus Siculus and of indigenous peoples of the Americas, speaks of lost lands. Hence, the same as with the Atlantis myth.

Furthermore, archaeological findings and underwater explorations have added to the intrigue surrounding Atlantis. The submerged ruins of ancient cities like Dwarka in India and Yonaguni in Japan has started other stories. Old stories about sunken civilizations waiting to be found, including the mysterious Atlantis.

In recent years, new research tools such as satellite imaging and deep sea exploration, have uncovered new evidence and potential locations for Atlantis. Some say that the Azores islands, the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean Sea could be the remnants of the lost city.

atlantis and ancient aliens


People think that the story of Atlantis was a creation by Plato, serving as a tale rather than a historical book. Therefore, some view the Atlantis tale about the dangers of society falling. Others question the truth of claims linking Atlantis to ancient aliens, dismissing them as unfounded speculation. Skeptics argue that attributing ancient achievements solely to ufo’s and alien intervention undermines the remarkable capabilities of human civilizations and disregards the ingenuity and accomplishments of our ancestors.

Lastly, mystery lies in the possibility of a lost civilization that reached unprecedented heights of knowledge and technology, with the question of why it disappeared. Was Atlantis a made up creation or a real ancient civilization shaped by extraterrestrial beings?