Australia’s Most Haunted House: Monte Cristo

A night at Monte Cristo Homestead is more than just a visit to a haunted house; it’s a journey through time and a plunge into the world of the unexplained. Australia’s most haunted house: Monte Cristo takes you on a spooky adventure. Discover the eerie encounters with its resident ghosts and the rich history of the original families who called it home.

A Historic Haven

Monte Cristo Homestead, nestled in the picturesque landscape of New South Wales, Australia, is a place where history and hauntings intertwine in a ghostly embrace. Built-in 1885 by Christopher William Crawley, this elegant Victorian-era mansion was a symbol of wealth and grandeur.

Christopher and his wife, Elizabeth, raised their family within these opulent walls. However, the Crawley family’s legacy is not just one of prosperity, but it is also marked by chilling tragedies. The house bore witness to a series of unfortunate events that continue to haunt its halls. As a result, creating fertile ground for paranormal activity.

The Crawley Family Deaths

On December 14, 1910, tragedy struck within the walls of his own homestead when Christopher Crawley passed away. His demise resulted from a dual affliction of heart failure and blood poisoning. Unfortunately, with the latter originating from a carbuncle on his neck. The carbuncle became infected, likely from the constant friction against his starched collar.

Following Christopher’s untimely death, his wife, Elizabeth Crawley, found herself unable to cope with the profound loss. Overwhelmed by grief, she retreated within the confines of their house, locking herself away from the world. Her sanctuary became the attic, where she had constructed a small chapel. For the next 23 years of her life, she rarely ventured beyond the homestead’s walls, leading a reclusive existence. Tragically, Elizabeth’s life came to an end within the same house she had secluded herself in. She passed away at the age of 92 on August 12, 1933, succumbing to a ruptured appendix.

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Ghosts of Monte Cristo House

The Lady In Grey

The most seen apparition at Monte Cristo Homestead is that of Elizabeth Crawley herself. In additon, she is often referred to as the Lady in Grey. Her presence is often felt, and she is often seen at the top of the grand staircase. Eerily, watching over the house with an otherworldly gaze. Her frequent sightings occur mainly in the small room she once transformed into a chapel.

Witnesses describe her as a shadowy figure, dressed in somber black attire, and often seen carrying a gleaming silver cross. The intensity of her haunting is such that she has been known to scare people out of the Dining Room. However, her ethereal presence is unmistakably marked by a sudden, bone-chilling drop in temperature. In contrast, Christopher Crawley, her husband, makes sporadic appearances within the hallways of the homestead. Yet, he is not as commonly sighted as his wife and appears to quietly pace and bothers not a soul.

The Tragic Child

Perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching spirits is that of a child who met a horrific fate after falling down the stairs. In 1917, a tragic incident unfolded at Monte Cristo Homestead involving Ethel, the infant granddaughter of Christopher Crawley. Ethel died when her nursemaid, claiming that an unseen force had propelled her, accidentally dropped her down the staircase. The haunting aftermath of this event is yet another tragedy within the house.

Visitors, especially children, have reported a heightened sense of fear on the stairs. Meanwhile, as if influenced by an otherworldly presence. Adults, too, have encountered unsettling experiences in this area. Meanwhile, feeling phantom hands pressing against their backs or even sensing an eerie moisture. As a result, it’s as if unseen forces continue to manifest the tragic events of the past. Many visitors also report hearing the eerie sound of a child’s laughter echoing through the house.

The Maid and the Confined Woman

Two sorrowful apparitions are said to haunt Monte Cristo. Both were maids, one who suffered a terrible fall and a confined woman who spent a lifetime in isolation. One of the maids, was pregnant with Christopher Crawley’s child. She jumped from the balcony to her death. Her ghost still haunts the veranda and a ghostly blood stain marks the spot of her impact. Their presence lingers in the shadows, their stories etched into the very fabric of the house.

The Phantom Coachman and Stable Boy

A young stable boy Morris was sleeping with the horses and carriages. Nevertheless, he was burned to death when his boss, thinking he was pretending to be ill, set his straw mattress on fire. He was too ill to get up. Cries and yells can still be heard in the night coming from the area. A phantom coachman, forever committed to his role, roams the grounds. On moonless nights, the haunting clip-clop of horse hooves and the rattle of carriage wheels are heard, echoing through time.

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The Crying Baby

A spectral baby’s cries emanate from the nursery, even though no infants reside in the homestead. The unexplained phenomenon confuses and frightens countless visitors, adding to the eerie ambiance.

The Malevolent Spirit

A malevolent spirit, possibly one of the homestead’s ill-fated servants, has been known to target visitors with hair-pulling, unexplained scratches, and an overwhelming sense of dread.

The Mysterious Floating Candlestick

In the drawing room, a floating candlestick defies the laws of physics, casting flickering shadows and leaving observers in a state of bewildered disbelief.

The Phantom Gardener

The ghostly gardener, dedicated to his craft, tends to the gardens even under the cover of darkness. His ghost is wanders the estate’s extensive grounds. Perhaps doing what he loved most in death as in life.

The Creepy Mirror

Throughout the house, eerie apparitions are captured in photographs and mirrors. Indeed, their reflections defying explanation and unsettling those who witness them.

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The Mischievous Ghosts

Furthermore, mischievous spirits delight in moving objects, slamming doors, and creating an atmosphere of unease, leaving no doubt that Monte Cristo Homestead is a haven for the unexplained.

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The Haunted Homestead Today

Monte Cristo Homestead remained vacant for more than a decade after the departure of the last Crawley family member in 1948. In 1963, Olive and Reginald Ryan took ownership of the manor and it remains in the family today.


For the Ryan family, bone-chilling paranormal encounters became a part of daily life as they raised their children and diligently worked on renovating the historic homestead over the years. Olive recalls hearing her name called out multiple times, only to find herself in eerie solitude. Their children, too, reported sightings of figures dressed in old-fashioned attire and the unnerving sensation of cold hands resting upon their shoulders.

In recent years, the Ryan family has transformed their home into a haven for ghost enthusiasts. Since 1993, Australia’s most haunted house: Monte Cristo Homestead has welcomed visitors from around the world. Therefore, it offers ghost tours, housing a doll museum, operating an antique store, and providing a spine-tingling experience. In addition, with a haunted bed and breakfast stay. Nevertheless, the little town of Junee in New South Wales, Australia has thus become the place for those eager to explore Australia’s most haunted house.

Australia’s Most Haunted House: Monte Cristo

A night at Monte Cristo Homestead is not for the faint of heart. With its rich history of tragedy and tenacious spirits, this Australian haunted house offers a glimpse into the unexplained world of the paranormal. However, whether you’re a believer or skeptic, the chilling hauntings and creepy reports from this legendary location will undoubtedly leave you questioning the boundaries of the supernatural. Monte Cristo Homestead stands as a testament to the enduring mystery of the afterlife, inviting all who dare to witness its spectral inhabitants.