The Beast Of Bodmin Moor

In the rugged landscapes of Cornwall, England, lies Bodmin Moor—a place shrouded in tales of mystery and history. Among its strange legends, one stands out—the Beast of Bodmin Moor. This cryptid, is often described as a phantom big cat. Everything Unexplained looks into the reports and theories surrounding this cryptid creature, exploring the mysterious world of the Beast of Bodmin Moor.

The Beast

Sightings of large, black feline creatures in the vicinity of Bodmin Moor started speculation about the existence of the Beast. Witnesses reports speak of a creature resembling a large cat. Described as having a muscular build, prominent fangs, and glowing eyes. These reports have come from farmers, hikers, and ordinary residents of the area.

In 1995 when a married couple, the Mowbrays, spotted a mysterious black cat while walking their dog near Bodmin Moor. They claim the creature was around four feet in length, with powerful hind legs and a long, thick tail. However, the Mowbrays were convinced that they saw no ordinary domestic cat. But, something far more extraordinary.

Another recorded report came from a farmer named Eric Smith, who discovered a number of his sheep dead with peculiar injuries that appeared to resemble claw marks. Smith reported seeing a large, black cat-like creature lurking in the vicinity of his farm. Similar incidents have been reported over the years, and created a sense of unease among locals.

beast of bodmin moor

Could it be a large Cat?

One hypothesis is that the creature is an escaped or released exotic cat, such as a puma or leopard.
Some argue that people released these cats into the wild after keeping them as pets, suggesting that the cats adapted to the rugged moorland environment and caused the reported sightings.

Supporters of the “big cat” theory point to the lack of native large predators in the region. Yet, the absence of evidence to support the presence of such creatures. They argue that the Beast of Bodmin Moor could be a surviving remnant of an exotic cat population that managed to establish itself in the area.

Many suggest that witnesses could mistake domestic cats, dogs, or other common animals for the reported sightings. They argue that our minds can often transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones.

Furthermore, a large, roaming cat population in the area is met with doubt by some experts. They say that the local environment and limited food sources would make it difficult for such a population to sustain itself over an extended period.


Cryptid Legend

The Beast of Bodmin Moor continues to be a subject of blended folklore, mystery, and a touch of the cryptozoology. The true nature of the Beast remains a secret. Whether it is a population of exotic cats or a result of misidentification, the Beast of Bodmin Moor is a unique part of Cornwall’s rich history.

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