The Ekimmu

Ancient Vampire Legends

The Ekimmu (Edimmu) is one of the oldest vampires and myths, dating back to 4000 B.C.E. The vampire creature is one of the most feared among the Assyrians and Babylonians. It is said that the Ekimmu was a departed spirit, or soul, of a dead person who is unable to find peace. The creature wondered the Earth […]

The Egyptian Legend of Ka

Legend Of Ka-Vampires

Egyptians also had their share of vampire lore and blood suckers. The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet was known for her taste for blood, and according to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, if a certain part of the soul called the ka didn’t receive adequate offerings, it left the tomb to drink blood. The most obvious explanation for enjoying […]

The Pascagoula River Alien Abduction

charles hickson and calvin parker alien abduction

What is certain about the night of Oct. 11, 1973, is this: When Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker Jr. arrived at the sheriff’s department in Pascagoula, Miss., they were frantic. They told authorities they had just been abducted by aliens. Each had a puncture wound in one arm. Police tried to catch them in a […]

The Proctor Haunting

Have you ever spent the night in a house reputed to be haunted? This story could make you reconsider. It was the autumn of 1834 when the Proctors, a Quaker family, began to notice disturbances in their house near Tyneside in northern England. It began with the sound of dull, heavy treading upstairs. Every member of […]

Dad photographs ‘Ghost of a Monk’

Jon Wickes, 50, was visiting the medieval castle with his son…but looking back at his pictures spotted something extraordinary. A man is adamant that he has photographed a ghost after he spotted something very mysterious in his images of a medieval castle. Jon Wickes, 50, was visiting the Eynsford Castle in Kent, U.K. with his 12-year-old son, […]

The Watcher Of Corroboree Rock

In 1959 Adelaide Presbyterian minister R.S. Blance was visiting Corroboree Rock, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia when he took a photo of the seemingly empty scene. When the photo was developed, he found the image of a person standing amongst the scrub, surrounding the clearing. The apparition looks like a woman wearing a long white gown. […]

Are Vampires Real?


They may be the best-known classic monsters of all. Most people associate vampires with Count Dracula, the legendary, blood-sucking subject of Bram Stoker’s epic novel, Dracula, which was published in 1897. But the history of vampires began long before Stoker was born. Vlad The Impaler It’s thought Bram Stoker named Count Dracula after Vlad Dracula, […]