The 1993 abduction of Kelly Cahill was actually mentioned on the first new episode of The X-Files.Ms Cahill was driving home with her husband in Dandenong, Victoria, when a craft flew overhead.She claims they lost an hour of time and she was rushed to hospital with stomach pains after discovering a small triangle abrasion on her body.Ms Cahill had no interest in extraterrestrial life and as she drove home with her partner, she thought she saw a bright blimp.

She has recounted her experience in a number of interviews, and said as their vehicle neared closer to the brightness, the lights began to separate into a row of round, orange lights.

“It appeared like there were silhouettes standing in these round, orange circles, like people.”

Kelly Cahill, 1993.

The craft then flew away from the field it was sitting in, and Ms Cahill said further down the road they met a bright light, which was like a wall across the road.Next thing she remembered was driving on the usual dark road, arguing with her husband.Weeks later, she had recollections of getting out of the car and walking towards the craft.She said dark beings began to approach her.

“This energy went through me,” she said.

“It was a low level frequency that came in waves, so dense I could physically feel it.

“That absolutely terrified me, I can’t explain the horror I felt and I just began screaming and the minute I did, the eyes on these things lit up and they came charging across the field.”

She said she was lifted off her feet and thrown back and when she sat up, she couldn’t see anything.She then developed the triangle on her body, and extraterrestrial experts researching Ms Cahill’s case found there were three other people who stopped their cars that night, who describe the same experience as Ms Cahill.

To this day she still doesn’t know what happened to her.

Watch the following interview of her recount and let us know what you think. Is it possible she’s telling the truth?

Kelly Cahill Interview of her Unexplained Close Encounter

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