Mysteries Of The Indian Gharial

In the the rivers and wetlands of the Indian subcontinent lurks a strange creature that has captivated both fear and amazement, The Indian Gharial. The mysteries of the Indian Gharial with its long, slender snout, sharp teeth, and haunting appearance, has earned a reputation for its creepiness.

The Chilling Crocodillian

The Indian Gharial has a unique look that adds to its eerie being. Its long, thin snout, lined with sharp interlocking teeth, sends shivers down the spines of those who encounter it. However, this snout enables the Gharial to effortlessly glide through water, while also serving as a lethal weapon for stalking prey.

Another chilling feature of the mysteries of the Indian Gharial is the bony bumps, that line its back and tail. These with its dark grayish-green skin, give the Gharial an ancient, prehistoric look. In addition, these add to its creepy aura but also in its survival around its aquatic habitat.

These critically endangered reptiles can grow up to 15 feet long and weigh nearly 2,000 pounds. Once ranging all across South Asia, there are currently less than 1,000 left in the wild. What makes these unique animals different from other crocodilians is that, instead of having to stalk their next meal, they can locate prey by picking up vibrations in the water through sensory cells in their sensational snouts.

mysteries of the indian gharial

Mysterious Nature

Beyond its bone chilling appearance, the Indian Gharial has weird behaviors that further add to its mysterious reputation. Unlike other crocodilian species, the Gharial feeds almost only on fish. Hence, its narrow snout allows for swift and precise underwater movement. Meanwhile, the keen eyesight makes it spot unsuspecting prey from a distance.

Another strange part of the mysteries of the Indian Gharial is its sounds. Males emit a distinct, low-frequency hissing sound during courtship, which can send chills down the spines of observers. This haunting sound attracts females and establishes dominance within their territories. It also gives us nightmares. Indian Gharial, with its unsettling appearance, chilling actions, and cryptic behaviors is still unexplained as to why it is so different to its cousins. Its presence in the rivers and wetlands of the India is a reminder not to venture deep into the wetlands or go for a swim while traveling there.

While the Gharial’s creepiness may instill a sense of unease, it is indeed important to protect its existence. By understanding and appreciating the mystery of this species, we can foster a greater respect for the delicate balance of nature and strive towards coexistence even with the monsters of the world.

Watch this video documentary on the mysteries of the indian gharial – including its weird snout!

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