The Past Life Of Shanti Devi

The past life of Shanti Devi, born in Delhi, India, in 1926, stands out as an interesting case of possible reincarnation. We report on her remarkable knowledge of a past existence as Lugdi Devi. In addition, how Shanti claims she is a woman who died in a village in Mathura.

Past Life Memories

Shanti Devi’s extraordinary story begins at age 4, with her uncanny reincarnation of a previous life as Lugdi Devi. Shanti vividly describes everything about Lugdi’s life, including her husband’s name, the names of her children, and even incidents that shaped Lugdi’s world. These vivid memories, which are proved to be true leave little room for doubt. In addition, she said she previously lived in Mathura and even described what her husband looked like.

In the past life of Shanti Devi case, remarkable validation emerges, reinforcing the authenticity of her reincarnated memories. Meanwhile, historical records and testimonies from Lugdi Devi’s village align with Shanti’s recollections. Birth and death certificates, marriage records, and details of Lugdi’s life are the same as what Shanti told everyone.

the past life of shanti devi

The Investigation

The case was brought to the attention of Mahatma Gandhi and a commission started. However, Gandhi handpicked a group of 15 influential individuals. Media representatives and national leaders were to conduct a thorough investigation into the case. In light of this, Shanti Devi was taken to Mathura with the team.

Upon their arrival at the train station, they presented her with a stranger from Mathura and asked if she could identify him. In that moment, she immediately bowed down and touched his feet, recognizing him as her husband’s elder brother, which he was. Furthermore, as they reached their destination, Shanti Devi swiftly identified her father-in-law amidst a bustling crowd, showcasing her extraordinary ability to recognize him with ease. Ironically, they published the report on Shanti Devi’s past life in 1936. The commission traveled with Shanti Devi to Mathura, arriving on 15 November 1935. Moreover, the commission’s report concluded that Shanti Devi was indeed the reincarnation of Lugdi Devi.

Final Outcome

The mystifying past life of Shanti Devi serves as a possibility of past life and reincarnation. Therefore, her case and the memories that follow, Shanti Devi’s story leaves an indelible mark on the study of reincarnation. Eerily, we are amazed by the past life of Shanti Devi and are left pondering the mysteries of life.

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