6 Famous Ghost Photos

Welcome to the eerie world of ghost photography, where the ethereal and the mysterious collide in haunting visuals. Welcome to our top 6 famous ghost photos, those chilling snapshots that claim to capture glimpses of the paranormal. Read the stories behind these odd images, and contemplate the lingering questions they leave in their wake.

The Unexpected Guest

If this photo is genuine, it’s probably the creepiest thing we’ve ever seen. The people sitting at the table, said to be the Copper Family, are smiling happily for the photo, totally unaware that someone has dropped in for the photo. They took the photo in their farmhouse in Texas, capturing it on the very first night in their new house.

famous ghost photo

Amityville Ghost John DeFeo

This photograph was taken in the creepy Amityville House. Famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren visited the house in 1976. Hence, they took many infrared photos throughout the night and captured this image, apparently showing the spirit of John DeFeo who died aged 9. Murdered by his older brother Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. who killed his entire family.

amityville ghost photo

Grandpa’s Ghost

Captured through the lens of Denise Russell in 1997, this seemingly ordinary photograph features her 94-year-old grandmother enjoying a picnic. 3 years later after her grandmother had passed, her family came across the photo once again. In an uncanny twist of fate, the family members recognized the figure – none other than their dearly departed grandpa, who had departed from this earthly plane thirteen years earlier, vanishing into the ethereal unknown in the August of 1984.

grandpa's ghost photo

Lord Combermere

Taken at the library within Combermere Abbey in England, you can see the figure of a man sitting in the chair on the left. Reports indicate that the ghost captured in the photo is thought to be none other than Lord Combermere, a distinguished British cavalry commander. Sybell Corbet, the photographer, managed to take the photo during the very funeral of Lord Combermere, a remarkable feat considering that the funeral proceedings were simultaneously taking place more than 4 miles away.

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Lord Combermere Library

Waverley Hills Ghost

Waverly Hills is an abandoned tuberculosis hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a haven for paranormal investigators and has an abundance of stories of hauntings and tales. There was thousands of deaths at the hospital before it closed in 1961. The spirit caught in this photo could be the nurse Mary Hillenburg, she is named on other sites as Mary Lee. Stories say she fell pregnant to a doctor at the hospital, who later shunned her. Consequently, she allegedly hanged herself outside room 502 in the hospital in 1929. Some people think that foul play might have been involved. Perhaps she was the victim of a murder.

waverley hills ghost
mary lee

The Back Seat Ghost

In 1959 on a lovely sunny day Mabel Chinnery and her husband had been to visit the grave of her mother. Therefore, Mabel had been taking photographs, and snapped this one of her husband in his car.
Upon developing the film, they discovered a figure seated in the back seat of the car, a presence absent during the actual day of capture. They believed this figure to be the spirit of Mabel’s deceased mother.

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Each photograph is a portal to a realm beyond the ordinary. Thus, inviting us to question the boundaries between the seen and the unseen. With an open mind and a curious heart, it makes us question the unknown. Meanwhile, in these 6 famous ghost photos from old, grainy photographs taken in the 19th century to modern digital captures some still baffle experts today. What are your thoughts about these? Have you taken a photo of a ghost?