Two strange creatures have been filmed both lurking in the wilderness in the dark, the same sounds resonating from these unknown beasts. The weird thing is that they were filmed in two different countries in South America, Argentina and Brazil.

The footage filmed seperately at different times, in seperate countries was uploaded onto image/video sharing site Imgur and was later picked up by the Phantoms and Monsters blog.

The first video, judging by the background noise, was filmed in a suburban area and shows this unknown creature, which sort of resembles a wolf like animal, creeping around behind some garden furniture.

The second video shows a similar beast emerging from some foliage, again in the dark. It’s difficult to say what these creatures could be and while it’s possible that they are wolves – or perhaps wolves with some sort of disfiguring ailment – we just don’t know for sure at this stage. Could they be some kind of hybrid? Maybe an undiscovered species of some sort?

Check out the videos below – what do you think ?

( Note: The second video can be accessed by clicking on the right-hand side of the player )

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