Strange Oannes From Sumer

The strange Oannes from Sumer were creatures in ancient Mesopotamian mythology, specifically in Sumerian and Akkadian cultures. These legendary beings played a significant role in the creation myths and religious beliefs of the region. Weirdly, they were half human and half fish creatures. Sea beings who emerged from the waters of the Persian Gulf to impart knowledge and civilization to humanity.

History of Oannes

Firstly “Eridu Genesis” and written by Babylonian scholar Berossus, the Oannes appeared in the early days of humans. They earned descriptions as wise and intelligent beings, possessing advanced knowledge in various fields such as agriculture, writing, mathematics, and the arts. People considered the Oannes divine messengers or sages, bringing wisdom and culture to early human societies.

Secondly, Oannes vary slightly across different texts and periods, but they generally share some common characteristics. They had the lower bodies of fish, while their upper parts resembled human beings. Depictions portrayed them with gills, scaly skin, and occasionally a fish tail, alongside human-like arms and heads. Lastly, they sound like mythical mermen or mermaids from legends.

People believed that the strange Oannes from Sumer emerged from the sea each day and retreated back to the depths at night. They were associated with the god Enki (known as Ea in Akkadian mythology), who held great significance as the deity of wisdom, water, and creation. Enki/Ea, often depicted as a bearded figure, was revered and closely tied to water and fertility, and regarded as the bringer of civilization.

oannes from sumer

Friendly with Humans

The purpose of the Oannes’ interaction with humans was primarily educational and cultural. Were they astronauts sent from another planet to help us?The Oannes were believed to teach humans various arts and sciences, introducing them to agriculture, architecture, writing, law, and religious rituals. Their teachings advanced human civilization and laid the foundation for Sumerian culture, which people often described as a “gift from the gods.”

It is worth noting that certain fringe theories and proponents of ancient astronaut hypotheses have sometimes interpreted the stories of the Oannes as evidence of alien contact in ancient times. However, mainstream scholars generally dismiss these interpretations due to the lack of solid evidence. These looked like fish creatures and where animal, human hybrid figures which symbolizes the divine and natural world.

Where they Ancient Astronauts?

While their looks in ancient books have sparked imaginative ideas, where they ancient astronauts?

  1. Advanced knowledge: They gave advanced knowledge and skills to early humans, including agricultural techniques, architecture, and writing. Such knowledge could have been beyond ancient humans and therefore could be alien intervention.
  2. Amphibious nature: The depiction of the Oannes as half-human, half-fish creatures may be some symbol of space beings who came from deep space or the depths of the sea. They suggest that the fish-like bodies means high technology or life-support systems.
  3. Technological achievements: Associated with the god Enki/Ea, who was god of water and wisdom. Some say that water could prove advanced knowledge of interstellar travel or ancient astronaut origins.
  4. History: Maybe there is links between the Oannes and aquatic or amphibious gods found in other cultures around the world. These could be evidence of an alien influence.

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