UFO Sightings Increase 2020

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Skygazers have reported a huge increase of unidentified flying objects seen in the state – already, 184 unexplained flying crafts or lights seen in the state have been logged with the National UFO Reporting Center. In almost all of 2019, only 151 were seen. The sightings include bright lights, strange sounds and oddly shaped objects. A person […]

What is the Mothman? Point Pleasant’s Creepy Legend

What is the mothman

On November 12th 1966, a small town in West Virginia became home to the Mothman legend – one of modern mythology’s most powerful and mysterious stories. Who or what this creature is or was can only be guessed, but proof of its existence is beyond any reasonable doubt. A local gravedigger working in a cemetery […]

Water Poltergeists

Paranormal Water Poltergeists

Water dropping from seemingly nowhere outside is one thing, but when it occurs indoors without any logical cause, that’s quite another thing. Paranormal researchers have, in many cases, found this water manifestation to an element of poltergeist activity that is occurring in the house. Usually, there are other symptoms as well: banging on the walls, […]

Professor Believes Fairies Are REAL

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Professor John Hyatt, a lecturer on art research at Manchester Metropolitan University, claims that he has proven the existence of fairies in real life with photographs. Hyatt asserted that his photos, in which small winged beings that look like insects can be seen, prove that these magical creatures do exist in the Rosendale Valley, Lancashire […]

UFO Fleet Seen In Connecticut

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A FLEET of alien space ships apparently were seen over the US, with a video of the phenomenon showing several orbs in the night’s sky. There were up to nine of the lights which appeared in the sky for up to three minutes. The person filming the video expresses obvious disbelief as the lights dart […]

China’s Floating City

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China seems to have a monopoly on properties that float in the sky On October, 2015 a group of hovering buildings were reportedly seen and videotaped. Theories about what it could be ranged from a parallel universe portal to a hologram deliberately put into the sky to an alien invasion to a natural mirage known […]

Kelly Cahill Australian Alien Abduction

Kelly Cahill Australian ufo sighting

The 1993 abduction of Kelly Cahill was actually mentioned on the first new episode of The X-Files.Ms Cahill was driving home with her husband in Dandenong, Victoria, when a craft flew overhead.She claims they lost an hour of time and she was rushed to hospital with stomach pains after discovering a small triangle abrasion on her […]

Do Fairies Exist?

Do Fairies Exist -Bizarre Sightings

According to a study by the Eastern Virginia Medical School, approximately two-thirds of the American population reported having a mystical experience they could not easily explain. Over in Iceland, 55% of people surveyed in 1970 believed that Elves definitely existed or there was at least a strong possibility. It is also worth noting that most people have […]

Cuttlefish : Invertebrates Or Aliens

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7 Strange Facts about Cuttlefish 1. Cuttlefish Have Not One, Not Two, but Three Hearts Two hearts are used to pump blood to the cuttlefish’s large gills, and the third heart is used to circulate oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. Speaking of cuttlefish blood, even that’s interesting. According to New World Encyclopedia, “The […]


Aye-aye baby

The Aye-aye is one of nature’s most fascinatingly bizarre creatures. Native to Madagascar, this lemur is the largest nocturnal primate in the world and has unique features that set it apart. It has bat‐like ears that allow it to echo-locate and rodent-like ever-growing incisors – both unique among primates. It is most famous for its exceptionally long […]