Ghostly Figures Appear In TikTok Videos

Ghosts Paranormal Videos TikTok

If you’ve ever been on TikTok, you know there are plenty of dancing videos on it, and many people try to be different in theirs. However, it isn’t some unique moves that has these dancer’s clips going viral, it’s the shadowy, ghostly figures that appears behind them as they dance. This first video shows the young woman […]

Mysterious Sounds ‘The Taos Hum’

Unexplained Phenomena - The Taos Hum

The Town of Taos, in north-central New Mexico, is also home to an unusual mystery: a resident hum of unknown origin, the so-called “Taos Hum.” A variety of theories have been offered as an explanation, ranging from the mundane to the fantastic, the psychological to the paranormal. Stoned hippies, secret government mind control experiments, underground […]

China’s Floating City

bizarre sightings - floating city

China seems to have a monopoly on properties that float in the sky On October, 2015 a group of hovering buildings were reportedly seen and videotaped. Theories about what it could be ranged from a parallel universe portal to a hologram deliberately put into the sky to an alien invasion to a natural mirage known […]

Kelly Cahill Australian Alien Abduction

Kelly Cahill Australian ufo sighting

The 1993 abduction of Kelly Cahill was actually mentioned on the first new episode of The X-Files.Ms Cahill was driving home with her husband in Dandenong, Victoria, when a craft flew overhead.She claims they lost an hour of time and she was rushed to hospital with stomach pains after discovering a small triangle abrasion on her […]

The Thorton Heath Poltergeist

poltergeist hauntings

In the 1970s, in Thornton Heath, England, a family was tormented by poltergeist phenomena that started one August night when they were woken in the middle of the night by a blaring bedside radio that had somehow turned itself on — tuned to a foreign-language station. This was the beginning of a string of events that lasted […]

5 Known Alien Species

main 5 alien species

 The Universe is too massive to believe that we’re the only ones who inhabit here. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have claimed to have seen visitors from other planets. Some people think we should revere aliens as gods, and others believe aliens are planning to take our entire planet down in a fiery intergalactic war. Oddly […]

Horton Mine In Nevada

Horton Mine Creepy Places

The Horton Mine, found in the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest in central Nevada, has earned a sinister reputation after its closure and the odd events that followed. The Horton Mine has been in operation since the 1800s, and is part of the massive and sprawling Victorine Mine. It has been abandoned for years, but somewhere along […]

The Ekimmu

Ancient Vampire Legends

The Ekimmu (Edimmu) is one of the oldest vampires and myths, dating back to 4000 B.C.E. The vampire creature is one of the most feared among the Assyrians and Babylonians. It is said that the Ekimmu was a departed spirit, or soul, of a dead person who is unable to find peace. The creature wondered the Earth […]

The Pascagoula River Alien Abduction

charles hickson and calvin parker alien abduction

What is certain about the night of Oct. 11, 1973, is this: When Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker Jr. arrived at the sheriff’s department in Pascagoula, Miss., they were frantic. They told authorities they had just been abducted by aliens. Each had a puncture wound in one arm. Police tried to catch them in a […]

The Proctor Haunting

Have you ever spent the night in a house reputed to be haunted? This story could make you reconsider. It was the autumn of 1834 when the Proctors, a Quaker family, began to notice disturbances in their house near Tyneside in northern England. It began with the sound of dull, heavy treading upstairs. Every member of […]