In 1959 Adelaide Presbyterian minister R.S. Blance was visiting Corroboree Rock, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia when he took a photo of the seemingly empty scene. When the photo was developed, he found the image of a person standing amongst the scrub, surrounding the clearing.

The apparition looks like a woman wearing a long white gown. If you look even closer, it appears that she is holding something close to her face. Many have speculated it is a pair of binoculars, especially since she seems to be looking out at the landscape. This is why she is known as “The Watcher.”

What is so interesting is that people interpret the picture differently. What do you see when you look at it?

‘The Watcher’ Ghost Photograph, Corroboree Rock 1959

Corroboree Rock

Corroboree rock is an unusual rock formation found approximately 50km east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. The rock itself is a dolomite outcropping, which holds great significance to the Arrernte Aboriginal people.

Although the cultural significance is a tightly held secret of the lands senior male traditional owners, it is known that the area was considered spiritually dangerous for Aboriginal women, children and uninitiated men.

It is also considered taboo to climb the rock itself.

Corroboree Rock, Northern Territory, Australia

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