Time Travel: The Insider Trader

Andrew Carlssin was a mysterious guy who allegedly made a series of highly successful and suspicious stock market trades, resulting in extraordinary profits. What made his case particularly intriguing is the claim that he had accurate knowledge of future stock market trends. This lead to speculation that he had advanced knowledge. We bring you the story of time travel: the insider trader.

Time Travel: The Insider Trader

Andrew was arrested for insider trading in 2003. During his interrogation, he allegedly made startling claims, confessing that he was a time traveler from the year 2256. He explained that he had traveled back in time to capitalize on knowledge of future market trends. Carlssin’s supposed ability to consistently predict stock market movements with uncanny accuracy led to widespread speculation and fascination.

time travel inside trader

Andrew Carlssin, a 44-year-old individual, achieved an astonishing feat within a mere two weeks. With a starting capital of $800, he astoundingly transformed it into a staggering $350,000,000 through a remarkable streak of 126 consecutive successful trades in the US stock market. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) were suspicious. Hence, believing that Carlssin’s extraordinary success could not be attributed to mere chance or luck. Consequently, Carlssin found himself facing charges of insider trading, leading to his arrest.

During the interview police were surprised by the explanation. In a four hour confession, he astonishingly claimed to have traveled back in time from the distant future, specifically 250 years ahead. Carlssin told how he had knowledge of which stocks were growing, allowing him to amass a massive fortune through his trades.

Truth or Hoax?

Authorities struggled to account for his uncanny ability to possess insider knowledge about companies. Furthermore, the SEC acknowledged their failure to uncover any trace of Andrew Carlssin’s existence prior to December 2002.

He expressed a strong desire to return home using his “time craft” but refused to say its location. He feared it would fall into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, soon after released on bail he disappeared. He was never seen or heard of again. Was he telling the truth? Do you think he was a time traveler? Let us know in the comments.

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