Time Traveller from Taured

According to the legend, a man arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in the 1950s with a passport from the non existent country of “Taured.” This individual, who spoke an unknown language and seemed confused when airport officials could not locate Taured on any maps, claimed to be a time traveller from a parallel universe.

The Man from Taured

During a hot July afternoon in 1954, an unexplained incident unfolded at Tokyo International Airport. A man of Caucasian descent and a beard and believed to be French, arrived at the immigration checkpoint. However, what happened confused the authorities when they examined his passport. The country listed as the place of issue was “Taured,” a nation that did not exist in reality.

One report suggests that when the man presented his passport for inspection, the immigration officials were taken aback by the non-existent origin. In an attempt to clarify, the man swore the existence of Taured, even detailing its location between France and Spain. According to him, the town had a rich history spanning a millennium. Perplexingly, when shown a world map, he confidently pointed to the exact area known as Andorra, expressing bewilderment at referring to it as Andorra instead of Taured.


time traveler from taured

Vanished without a Trace

As doubts grew, the authorities, suspecting the man’s involvement in illicit activities, apprehended him. In order to solve the mystery and find the truth, he was confined to a nearby hotel room under close surveillance by two guards. However, the following day when the guards checked on him—like a phantom, the time traveller from Taured had vanished without a trace. Even more perplexing, all the documents that could have substantiated his existence also disappeared, leaving behind a confounding void.

This baffling incident sparks speculation about the man’s origins. Could he have been a time traveller, arriving from the future with an unfamiliar passport? Alternatively, it raises the fascinating possibility of parallel universes, where Taured exists instead of Andorra. Time travel inspires countless stories, movies, and debates. However, as of now, time travel is theoretical and not scientifically proven or observed. Who was the Time Traveller from Taured? Tell us what you think about what happened in the comments.

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