A FLEET of alien space ships apparently were seen over the US, with a video of the phenomenon showing several orbs in the night’s sky.

There were up to nine of the lights which appeared in the sky for up to three minutes.

The person filming the video expresses obvious disbelief as the lights dart through the sky.


Writing in a caption of the video on YouTube, Ginger Sailor said: “Around 8 or 9 orbs travelled in the same direction for a few minutes before disappearing in Old Saybrook, CT about 2-3 miles away from Saybrook Point around 7:30 pm on September 19, 2020.

“They were not airplanes. I don’t know what they were so they are technically UFOs.”

Alien researchers quickly picked up on the video and were stunned by the organisation of the UFOs.

Prominent alien enthusiast Scott C Waring remarked on how the seemingly controlled manoeuvres of the lights show that even aliens adhere to safety standards.

Mr Waring made the claim on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

He said: “When UFOs fly together, they often take on a formation with the ones closest to them.

“Here you see a dozen white UFOs in the sky over Connecticut and some of them are in a triangle formation.

“It is how they watch out for each other. For example a military pilot is always suppose to wait for his wingman – the other pilot flying in the other jet in order to fly more safely and watch out for one another.

“Very interesting that even UFOs take safety into consideration.”

However, there may be a more logical explanation for the lights rather than aliens. For example, the eratic nature of the lights could mean they are flares, or Chinese lanterns caught in the wind.

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