The Vanishing Car on Highway 167

In 1988, Ken Meaux’s article “Time Traveler,” featured in Strange Magazine 2, recounted a baffling tale from 1969. L.C, and his friend, Bob, embarked on a peculiar journey on a warm October day in Abbeville, USA. Their encounter with an mysterious vintage car and its distressed occupants opened the door to an uncanny mystery. Everything Unexplained brings you the tale of The Vanishing Car on Highway 167.

Highway 167

As the clock struck 1:30 PM on October 20th, 1969, the tranquil ambiance of Highway 167 was disrupted by an astonishing sight. An old vintage car, beautifully preserved, moved along the road. Instantly, L.C and Bob’s curiosity piqued, leading them to closely inspect the anachronistic vehicle. However, a vibrant orange license plate displaying “1940” adorned the car, a bewildering sight considering the strict regulations governing antique vehicle usage.

Even more astonishing, the car’s driver seemed from the past – a young woman dressed in 1940s attire, accompanied by a child in matching vintage garments. Strangely, panic seized the woman as they approached, her visage betraying intense fear and desperation. Despite this, she refrained from opening the window or making eye contact.

This particular time discrepancy, given that it was 1969, lent an air of intrigue to the encounter. The woman’s outfit, featuring a hat adorned with a lengthy, vibrantly colored feather and a fur coat, stood out oddly. Meanwhile, beside her was a small child, possibly a young girl, bundled up in a heavy coat and an old cap. Curiously, the car’s windows were tightly sealed—a puzzling choice on a super hot day.

Oddly, as they drew parallel to the car, their initial observation quickly transformed into deep concern. Suddenly, the woman’s face had expressions of fear and desperation, capturing their full attention. Meanwhile, guiding their vehicle alongside hers at a deliberate crawl, they observed her frantic gaze darting back and forth. She seemed disoriented or in urgent need. Her visible distress appeared on the verge of her spilling over into tears.

desolate highway

Vanished Into Thin Air

Positioned on the passenger’s side, L.C. vocalized their willingness to assist, calling out to her. In response, she nodded affirmatively, maintaining her perplexed gaze directed downward. Nonetheless, they used hand gestures and mouthed words, L.C. encouraged her to pull over. They proceeded to pass her, intending to safely halt in front of her vehicle. Upon bringing their own car to a stop on the shoulder, L.C. and Charlie turned their attention back to the vintage automobile behind them. The mysterious car completely vanished, just as quick as it had appeared on the desolate highway. There were no nearby side roads or hiding spots on the open highway. Perplexed by this vanishing act, the three men spent the subsequent hour meticulously discussing and examining their respective perspectives.

Undoubtedly shaken, L.C and Bob continued their journey, only to be thrust into another weird incident. Their gaze fixed on Highway 167, they bore witness to a modern car overtaking a sluggish old car, oddly in an identical vanishing act. This time, a bystander corroborated the bewildering sight, deepening the mystery. The trio engaged in fervent discussion, pondering the ramifications of their shared experience. As they considered contacting the authorities, the notion of a lost person emerged, adding a layer of urgency. Would the police believe them? L.C and Bob hesitant to alert the police. However, they did exchange contact details and over the years kept in touch, often recalling the unexplained encounter from that day.

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time travel

Unanswered Questions

In the wake of these baffling events, questions abound. Could the woman be a time traveler, propelled from the past into an unfamiliar era? Alternatively, might she be trapped in limbo, forever severed from her era of origin? What happened that day with The Vanishing Car on Highway 167? It certainly leaves the veil of mystery firmly intact. The puzzle on Highway 167 shows that things sometimes challenge our understanding of time and reality. Were two worlds just accidently overlapping for a moment or two in time? Were they ghosts? What do you think happened that day? Please share with us in the comments below.